Episode 1

May 10, 2024


Introducing: Guardify Real Evidence Podcast | Episode 1

Introducing: Guardify Real Evidence Podcast | Episode 1
Guardify Real Evidence Podcast
Introducing: Guardify Real Evidence Podcast | Episode 1

May 10 2024 | 00:18:02


Show Notes

In this premiere episode of Guardify Real Evidence, hosts Ashley and Myron kick things off with an engaging discussion on the "why" behind the podcast. Dive into a conversation about the unique perspectives and needs that led to the creation of this platform, as well as Guardify's mission to unite communities in collaboration toward restorative justice.

Discover how Guardify’s focus on serving child advocacy centers and its expansion to support prosecutors, law enforcement, and defense attorneys inspired this podcast. 

Catch a sneak peek of what’s to come in future episodes, including conversations with industry leaders, deep dives into AI’s impact on legal tech and social justice, and insights from front-line professionals. Join us for an enlightening start to the Guardify Real Evidence podcast!

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For more information about Guardify, go to https://guardify.com/

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